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人教版丨八年级英语下册unit 04 单词短语辨析!

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本文摘要:Ⅰ. allow用法allow sb. to do sth 允许某人做某事【拓展】allow v 允许allow doing sth 允许做某事They don’t allow smoking.allow sb. to do sth 允许某人做某事My mother allows me to watch TV.be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事【典型例题】1.His mother ____ him ____ the games.A is allowed,


Ⅰ. allow用法allow sb. to do sth 允许某人做某事【拓展】allow v 允许allow doing sth 允许做某事They don’t allow smoking.allow sb. to do sth 允许某人做某事My mother allows me to watch TV.be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事【典型例题】1.His mother ____ him ____ the games.A is allowed, to playB. doesn’t allow , to playC doesn’tallow playD. is allowed play【谜底】B【剖析】考点:考察语态及非谓语动词Ⅱ. until, so that ,although的用法:Until:在带有till或until引导的时间状语从句从句里,如果主句用肯定式,其寄义是“一直到…时”,谓语动词只能用延续性动词。如果主句用否认式,其寄义是“直到…才…”, “在…以前不…”, 谓语动词可用瞬间动词。

例如:The young man read till the light went out.Let’s wait until the rain stops.We won’t start until Bob comeDon’t get off until the busstops.so that:引导目的状语从句 so that(为了,以便)例如:We started early so that we could catch the first train.He studies hard so that he could work better in the futureAlthough:although的用法意思相当于though(只管,虽然),用来引导让步状语从句。它所引导的从句不能与并列连词but,and, so等连用,但可以和yet,still等词连用。例如:① Although the book was old, we decided to buy it.只管这本书很旧,我们还是决议买。

② Although he was tired, he went on working.【典型例题】1. Please hold on to your dream _____ one day it comes true.A. if B.untilC. unless D. though【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意:请坚持你的梦想,直到一天你的梦想实现。A. if如果;B. until直到......时;C. unless除非,如果不;D. though虽然。联合句意,故选B。

考点:考察连词的用法。2. He speaks ________ fast ________ I can’t follow him.A.so;thatB.such;thatC.so;astoD.enough;that【谜底】A【剖析】考点:考察连词的用法。

3. — The boy can speak both English and Japanese _________ he is only ten.— Wow, what a clever boy!A. ifB. becauseC. although【谜底】C【剖析】试题分析:句意:---虽然他才10岁,但他能说英语和日语。—多智慧的孩子。

A. if如果;B. because因为;C. although虽然。联合句意,故选C。考点:考察连词的用法。Ⅲ. 与look相关的短语:look forlook after=take care oflook likelook the samelook overlook throughlook outlook uplook aroundlook forward to【典型例题】1.Can you help me to _______ my dog when I leave for Hong Kong?A. look afterB. look forC. look atD. look through【谜底】A【剖析】考点:考察动词的用法。

2. Here is the book. First _________ it and then tell me whatyou think of it.A. look intoB. look throughC. look upD.look after【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意:给你书,先浏览一下,然后告诉我你是怎样想的。A. look into观察,视察;B. look through浏览; C. look up在(字典,书等中)查找; D. lookafter照看,照顾。

联合句意,故选B。考点:考察动词的用法。Ⅳ. leave v 遗忘,留下leave sth .somewhere把某物忘在某地leave sb. by oneself 把某人单独留下forget,忘记,后面不加所在。

Don’t forget to bring your book here.【典型例题】1.— Sorry , I____ my homework at home .— Don ' t ____ it here tomorrow.A. left ; forget bringingB. left; forget to bringC. forget; forget bringingD. forgot; forget to bring【谜底】B【剖析】考点:考察动词。Ⅴ. get on with sb. 和某人和气相处;和某人关系良好 =get along withget on well/ badly with=get alongwell/badly with 相处的好/坏【典型例题】1. My English teacher is easy_____so we all like her.A.to get along withB.get along withC.to get along【谜底】A【剖析】句意:我的英语老师很容易相处,因此我们都很喜欢她。easy后应用不定式,get along 为不及物动词短语,后面的介词不能丢。

故选A。考点:不定式的用法,2. —What kind of persons do you prefer to make friendswith?—I choose my friends on their characters and how we __________.A. get inB. get upC. get onD. get off【谜底】C【剖析】试题分析:句意:--你更喜欢喝哪种人交朋侪?-- 我选择朋侪取决于他们的性格和我们相处的怎样。A. get in使…进来; B. get up起床; C. get on相处; D. get off下车。



Ⅵ. argue 争吵argument n 争论have an argument with sb.与某人辩说argue with sb. 与某人争吵argue with sb. about sth 为某事与某人争吵argue about sth 争论某事argue against 争辩;阻挡He argued against the plan【典型例题】1.—What did they yesterday?—The plan for the National Holidays.A.other, argueB. else, argueC. other , argue withD. else, argue about【谜底】D【剖析】考点: 考察代词和动词的用法。Ⅶ. instead 取代,反而,替; instead of 相反,取代(1) instead 副词,取代,常放在句首或句尾,表现前面的事情没做,而做了后面的事情。(2) instead of +n/doing 取代,而不是,放在句中,instead of 为介词短语,后面一般接名词、代词、介词短语或动名词形式。

She wrote to him instead of calling him=She didn’t call him. She wrote to him instead.她没有给他打电话,而是给他写了封信。【典型例题】1.We shouldn’t use plastic bags. We should take our own bags ___. And we also should walk ___driving to the supermarket.A.instead,insteadB. instead,instead ofC. instead of,insteadD. instead of,instead of【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意为:我们不应该使用塑料袋。



2. It will take days by car, so let’s fly______.A. instead inB. insteadC. instead ofD. instead off【谜底】B【剖析】考点:考察词义辨析的用法。Ⅷ. successful /succeed/ successful/ successfully辨析①success 名词 ( pl. successes )乐成;成就;胜利They have achieved remarkable(显著的) success in their work. 他们在事情方面结果显著。

②succeed 动词 ( succeeded; succeeded; succeeding )乐成,办妥;获得成效He succeeded in getting the job. 他谋得了那份事情。◆succeed in doing sth③successful 形容词 ( more successful; most successful )乐成的;效果圆满的;胜利的It was a successful experiment.那是一次乐成的试验。

④successfully 副词 乐成地He finished the work successfully.他乐成的完成了任务【典型例题】1.—Work hard and you’ll______one day.---You are right. Working hard leads to_____.A. success, succeedB. succeed, successC. success, successfulD. succeed, successful【谜底】B【剖析】考点:考察词法[泉源:Z.xx.k.Com]Ⅸ Compare的用法。1. 表现“把……与……比力”,通常用 compare…with…,但在现代英语中,也可用 compare…to…,或者用 compare…and…。如:If you compare his work with [and] hers, you’ll find hers is much better. 要是把他俩的事情比力一下,就会发现她的好得多。

Having compared the new dictionary with [to] the old one, he found the new one more helpful. 将新旧词典比力之后,他发现新词典更有用。Compared with [to] many women, she was indeed very fortunate. 和许多女人相比,她简直算是很幸运的了。2. 表现“把……比作……”,通常用 compare…to…。如:Shakespare compared the world to a stage. 莎士比亚把世界比作舞台。

The poet compares the woman he loves to a rose. 诗人把他所爱的女人比作玫瑰。3. 表现“比得上”、“能与……比美”,通常用compare with, 多与情态动词 can 连用,且主要用于否认句或疑问句中。

如:My English can’t compare with his.我的英语不能与他比。Nothing can compare with wool for warmth.没有比羊毛更温暖的工具了。

【典型例题】1. Many parents are always ________ their kids ________ others’.A. compare, withB. compare, toC. comparing, aboutD. comparing, with【谜底】D【剖析】牢固短语compare…with…与……相比力。always 与现在举行时连用常指令人不快或讨人嫌的事情,不表现某时刻正在发生的行动。考点:牢固短语。2. People often compare a teacher a candle.A. toB. intoC. asD. with【谜底】A【剖析】考点:考察介词的用法。



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